Welcome to the website of the Laboratory of Microsystems Engineering for Medical Engineering.

After a long period of vacancy, the chair for microsystems engineering has been appointed on October 1st 2022 with a new a focus on medical applications. Currently, we are re-modelling the laboratories, removing most of the complex classical MEMS-Equipment to free space for new technologies.

The future focus will be on cleanroom-free MEMS, (laser) rapid prototyping, precision assembly and polymer processing. At the same time, we are developing new research areas on actuators, optics and fluidics and work on a new MEMS teaching program.



Open position "Miniature, integrated actuators and precision systems"

20.03.2024 -

Are you curious about trying out new ideas on miniaturized, highly integrated actuation and sensing concepts, e.g., linear, flexible or ultrasound-based actuators and applications in micro fluidics, adaptive optics or medical engineering?

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New adaptive lenses that correct optical errors

31.08.2023 -

In cooperation with researchers of the University of Freiburg, we have published a new type of adaptive lens with integrated geometric aberration correction. While previous versions could only focus and correct spherical errors our novel lens can change the focus, spherical error, and at the same time correct asymmetric errors such as coma or astigmatism.

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Self-sensing of magnetic actuators

31.08.2023 -

Typical closed-loop actuators use additional position sensors to measure and control their displacement.

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